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I recently read an article titled similarly to the one above . This is not an original idea of mine, but it IS worth repeating!!

And its not our fault! Photography has changed, lets take a quick stroll down photograph history lane about 40 years:

>Back when we were young, if you wanted to take a picture you did so on your film camera. The only way to get to see the picture was sending the film to be processed. BAM- picture in hand to last a lifetime! There was no other option. You got a printed picture. IF you wanted to share it, you brought the picture with you and handed it to a friend. If your friend liked it, they might give you an actual thumbs up (hehe). I digress, but back in the old days pictures were printed, end of story.

>>As life progressed we moved to digital cameras, photos were saved on a, dare I say, floppy DISK?!? More likely you burned your pictures onto CD’s making sure not to burn over your newest BEST CAR MIX off lime-wire. But these advancements are great, you could instantly see your photo on the back of the camera, you could take tons of pictures, and you didn’t have to buy film. Sweet!

>>>Things continued to advance as they do and your phone becomes your new camera. Even BETTER! Its with you all the time, basically attached to you anyways and the quality of the pictures are awesome. But what’s a CD, do computers even have those slots anymore? My tablet sure doesn’t- so let me load it up onto an USB drive.

>>>>Which brings us to the smart watch. Thank God it is actually, physically latched to my arm because I keep losing my phone!! And don’t worry, no need to use anything to save my photos on because I zoomed them straight up into my could! BOOM! Saved foreve….. wait, what? My cloud is full? I’m not a meteorology major, but I’m not sure that a real possibility. Well, no worries, I will paypal to the Apple gods and they will find me some More Cloud!

So what is the problem???

These advancements are amazing. Things are easier, faster, reach further, shine brighter, and let us capture so much more than we ever could before. And these advancements won’t stop. And that IS a problem if you don’t have physical photographs. Because technology changes, and technology fails. You cant expect that in 20 or 30 years the devices you have will still be able to retrieve your images. Heck, who knows how common a USB will be in just 10 years! You don’t want to be digging around your extra drawer of old phones and USB’s to find that perfect picture you had of grandma.

And I’m not suggesting you print every photo you take. But you should print photographs that you want to remember. As time goes on and your family grows up, moves on, grows their own family- you are going to want to be able to show them pictures from now! Don’t rely on social media albums to pass on your legacy, who knows if we will even have them then!

Its so important to print your photographs. It doesn’t have to be professional and it definitely doesn’t have to be every one you take. But print your photographs. The ones that make you smile. The ones that you want to be passed down and laughed at and compared to and just loved. A printed photograph to a photographer is like a cake to a baker, you don’t want to be sent home with just a armful of ingredients… they will go bad over time.

So Print. Your. Photographs.

And read the original Post Below VV Because he explains it even better than me!

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